We’re ready to grab the car keys and hit this highway with the top-down and tunes blasting into our brave new future. Of course 'Reality' will attempt to strangle that youthful spirit, as usual - yet we’re still standing, but those open roads and bright horizons are calling.

However; we are also grown-up enough to see it’s time to carefully consider available options. Building on the foundation of activities thus far will require very firm resolve on our core character along with a clear vision, and commitment, for our next adventures.. together.

Happy Bot Holidaze

As you may recall.. we clocked out for some quality summer surf time in June 2014, told ya not to burn the site down - but seems them black hats won, thankfully the WayBack Machine has copy of those glory days.

We went around the world like 20x over the last 5-years.. now back at the switch here and Ready to Rock!

What happened.. and more importantly, Now What? When we left MoMo was running 500 annual events, perhaps a perfect storm - multiple reasons - have led us to current state of affairs. For starters, many local chapter organizers became 'distracted' and attendees focus increasingly fragmented toward specific topics.

Of course the evolution of those two key issues was to be expected; volunteer leaders with +decade of effort will naturally move up the 'busy life' chain, and ever expanding segments of the industry created splinter groups via Meet-up (etc). While some things change, these constants remain: the 'crazy ones' always chase the edge - from Ai to xR - and our global network was built on Bringing the Community Together = Smile!

Mobility is a crucial component & keen players need trusted platforms to connect, a few quick thoughts...

When MoMo started there was no Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Local volunteer groups made arrangements and announcements. Current social networks make it 'possible' for DIY organizers, a bit messy herding cats.

We propose building a 'dedicated to task' portal, with modern tools and operating logic; fast and clean like this page you are viewing now. See overview below.

Members Profile Design

Sleek Profile

Members deserve solid modern design For Example. Purpose built, key word indexed & socially shareable. Including location, bio #skills and interest #segments, with ability to post relevant 'Ask' and 'Offer' updates.

Real Contact

Awareness and discovery are good starting points, yet it's a tribe of trust which enables valuable connections. Of course most here are already 'linked' in those other places but do we really exchange there, meet new and interesting people? Suggesting.. that it could be better.

Create Events

Do you want to organize a dinner in Denver targeting distributed ledger folks or gather startups in Singapore focused on space science? We could offer listing tools and contact network to invite more relevant delegates.

Alpha Version

Based on clear demand, with Ambassador supporters, we would love to wire together an Alpha version of the new platform. Looking forward to your Comments via form here - note our simple mission statement below.

The primary purpose of this notice is Feedback. It would be NICE* for those who can to pitch-in, any Quantity you choose, on the Alpha building costs.

Call it 'buy us a beer' for the warm memories, or 'pay it forward' as future investment dividends :)


Our member demographic runs across the spectrum, from Sr. executives to startups who are based from Adelaide to Zurich and dedicated to industries from banking to transportation. These are people with their own extended networks, needs and skills, looking to connect and find benefit within a wider community.

We are open to explore JV options with partners who embrace the merit of this effort and are keen to join in meaningful way. Our global member profile database represents an established opportunity to build on and the depth of this knowledge network is significant. The potential seems clear - we are standing by to discuss.

Road Ahead

We Are

Global Citizens


○ Member Value

○ Partner Merit

○ Stable Models

Member Value

Discovery and Distribution:
Clients - Vendors - Partners

Digital Networking Platform:
Project Pitch - Exclusive Offers

Content Listing Opportunity:
Profiles - News - Create Events

Trusted Connections:
Funding - Hiring - Mentors

Partner Merit

Community Supporters:
Direct Communications Pipeline

Special Interest:
Target Segment Group Members

Advance Access:
Market Shifts - Talented Players

Global Network:
Amazing Connections Worldwide

Stable Model

Foundation - Society:
Impact Patron Supporters

Campaign Promotions:
Digital & Physical Options

Corporate Retreats:
Project Building Challenges

Super Lean Platform:
NPO Operating Structure

Closing Points

We Have Earned Brand Reputation and Owned Network Channel Distribution

Requires New Balanced Approach For Win-Win-Win.. Honest Mutual Benefit

Confirm True Community Demand and Develop the Alpha Platform Version

Building Our Future Together.. Smile!

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